Middle School ELA

Layered Curriculumhttps://www.smore.com/5586-the-layered-curriculum-tm
SAS Curriculum Pathways in the ELA Classroom 
 A Plethora of Strategies
Language Arts and the Humanities 
Snowmen of Characterization 
Bringing the Read 180 Model into the ELA Classroom Edmodo group code is: aqdm57
"International Winter Holiday" Project and Essay  
 The Diary of Anne Frank: An Interdisciplinary Unit      
A Living Newspaper Project 
Teacher Created Materials for Small Groups
Integrating Technology: Collaborative & Non-Collaborative click here

Middle School Math 

 The Layered Curriculumhttps://www.smore.com/5586-the-layered-curriculum-tm
 OMG! Are we going to play a game?
 Singapore Math in the Middle School
 Practicing the Practices: What do the Mathematical
Practices look like in the classroom?
 3 ACT Using "Three Act" Tasks in the Math Classroom 
 Interactive Notebooks in Math 
 Practicing the Practices 
 A Fun and Engaging Financial Literacy Lesson http://iss.schoolwires.com/Page/48079
 Using Wii in the Math Classroom Edmodo group code is: 3qxnfk
 Using Google forms and docs for learning and reflectionclick here

 Middle School Social Studies

 Veterans Day Celebration
 How to Cite it Right! Cite it Right!
 The Layered Curriculumhttps://www.smore.com/5586-the-layered-curriculum-tm 
 Innovations for Digital Citizenship and Research 
 Literacy 101
 SAS in CLASSSAS Curriculum Pathways 6th grade 
 The New All-In-One: Go Animate Go Animate
 Flipping the Social Studies Classroom - Techniques and Strategies 
 Implementing Literacy Strategies in the Social Studies Classroom 
 Integrating collaborative technology into collaborative and non-collaborative activities click here

Middle School Science

 The Layered Curriculumhttps://www.smore.com/5586-the-layered-curriculum-tm
 The Best Bell-Ringer Activity Ever
 Periodic Table Challenge: Differentiation by Product 
 Tiered Lessons Using Multiple Intelligences and Differentiation 
 Building an Atom: A Hands on Approach 
 Integrating Collaborative Technology into Collaborative
and Non-Collaborative Activities
 click here 
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