Kindergarten Materials

 BUILD Math  
 CRA Math Approach  
 Daily 5 Powerpoint
 Reading 3D Small Group Advisor Handout 
Singapore Math 
 Small Group PDSA
 SMART Board Plans

1st Grade Materials

 The Daily 5
 Digital Storytelling
 Daily 5 Centers   
 Letterland Interventions Agenda
 Mountain Math 
 The Phonics Dance 
 Singapore Math
 Using Critical Thinking Activities in the
 Primary Classroom
 Using Literature and Interactive Notebooks
 in Science and Math
 Technology - Class Dojo & Britannica

2nd Grade Materials

 2 Sessions in 1 - Walk-abouts and Google Drive Prezi
 Class Dojo
 Flyer 1 page      
 The Daily 5 - Getting Started
 The Daily 5 - My Framework is Established, Now What?
 Hands-On Science 
 Individual PDSAs
 Integrating Technology with Digital Research Projects 
 Letterland in the Daily 5 
 Singapore Math
 Tracking Learning with Student Data Folders
 Workbox System 

3rd Grade Materials

 Building Critical Thinking Using Popplet 
 Connecting the Classroom with Home Using Remind 101 Powerpoint 
 Daily 5 Question & Answer Session 
 Guided Math Activities Powerpoint
 Hands-On Polling Activities and Chrome Apps Powerpoint
 Increasing Reading Fluency & Comprehension 
 Integrating Reading into Science Instruction Handout
 Keeping It Green with Google Drive
 Math Ideas for Centers and Interventions 
 Maximize Your Instruction by Building Relationships 
 Read to Achieve
 Livebinder (resources from NCDPI)
 Singapore Math & Math Journals
 Using Area Models to Teach Math
 Top Ten Free Websites 
 Words Their Way Made Easy Powerpoint

4th Grade Materials

 Beyond the Algorithm  Powerpoint
 Daily 5
 Innovation Math Stations  Powerpoint
 The Reader's Workshop
 Resources for High Ability Learners  ADR Resource Room Handout
 Simple Strategies for Student
Motivation & Engagement
 Singapore Math  Model Drawing Steps
 Super Science  Prezi
 Tools for Technology  Session Agenda
 Words Their Way Powerpoint

5th Grade Materials

 Appy Hour App List
 Build Critical Thinking and Student Success by
 Incorporating Junior Great Books Along with Daily 5
 Critical Thinking - ISS Resource Room Resource Room Handout
 Differentiate Your Instruction by Knowing the Learner
 Explore the Aurasma App 
 Fifth Grade Retreat Review Model Powerpoint
 Going Green in the Classroom 
 Hands-On Equations in Math 
 Hands-On Science Handout
 Morning News Show
 Singapore Math
 Six-Minute Solutions Powerpoint
 Understanding the "Why" - CRA model in Math 
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