High School "M.E.S.S." (Math, English, Social Studies, Science)

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E-citi for Science TeachersMaterials
Easy Benchmark and Data Analysis
Google Drive for Beginners 
Google Drive for the Classroom (Intermediate)  
 *Honors Session (one for each content area) REQUIRED for Teachers of Honors CoursesPresentation
Herding CatsSMORE
iMovie as "Expert Broadcaster"PowerPoint
Learning Styles wikispace
Open Class - Beginners 
Open Class - Intermediate #1 
Open Class - Intermediate #2  
Personalized YouTube for Your ClassroomMaterials 
Review of MacBook Tools 
SAS Curriculum Pathways Interactive Online Resources for Core Classes 
Using Foldables in Math "Toolkits" Materials
"Clash of 'Murricans" 
Flipped Classroom Model Using Photo Booth to upload videos to YouTube 
Literacy in the Math Classroom 
MYP IB Teacher Collaboration 
DP IB Teacher Collaboration  
Outside Reading in Academic and Inclusion Classes 
It's On: How to Get it All Done Without Going Crazy 
Gamification in your classroom to Motivate Students
Informational Texts: Chunked, Synthesized & Shared  
iTunes U iTunes U pdf
Lexile AnalyzerShared Google Folder
Notebooking Shared Google Folder
SAMR Model: Technology in Learning - Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition SMORE 
Tech Tools: Online Resources for the Classroom  
Writing Fictional Literature and Creating iMovies Shared Google Folder 
Engineering Design Stem in the ELA Classroom  
Foldables in the Secondary Classroom Shared Google Folder
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