Middle School ELA

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Fluency Strategy with MacsWebsite
Utilizing Google Forms in ELA
Project Based LearningWebsite
Blended Learning and Teacher-Led Stations Shared Google Folder
Interactive Notebooks and Nearpod Shared Google Folder 
Blended Learning 100 Shared Google Folder
iBooks & iMovie  
Fright Fair Night 
Phoenix Film Festival Presentation
Blended Learning 1, 2, 3  
Introduction to SAMR  SMORE

Middle School Math 

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Modeling Blended Learning 
Implementing Student Data Journals 
Projects for Assessment of Learning 

Effective PLCs
Introduction to SAMR     SMORE
Student Level PDSA & Blended Learning Website
Making Math Real Shared Google Folder 
Check for Understanding vs. Formative Assessment  
RtI Intervention Strategies  
Slope Conceptually  
Engaging Students with Tasks  
Concrete, Representational, Abstract  Shared Google Folder

 Middle School Social Studies

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Interactive Notebooks and G.R.A.P.E.S. for Ancient Civilizations (6th grade) 
NC WiseOwl and Primary Sources  
Incorporating Literacy Strategies Through Social Studies Using Ideas and Strategies from the Daily 5 Model 
Socrative Seminar 
Introduction to SAMRSMORE 

Middle School Science

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"Patient Zero"
My website (Schoolwires)     http://www.iss.k12.nc.us/Page/49906
Smore (for project guidelines)    https://www.smore.com/uqdk
Survey for Rating Teammates at end of project:
Test/Treatment Log Requirement:
Follow-up Story Requirement:
How to use OpenClass  Shared Google Folder
"Science Roation Stations"
How to Use iBooks Author 
Digital Resources Website
Introduction to SAMR  SMORE
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