Kindergarten Materials

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1st Grade Materials

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 1st Grade Enrichment
 B.U.I.L.D. and Daily 5 Centers Presentation
 Class Dojo
 Cultural Diversity/Global Awareness -
Which is Which?
 Guided Reading
 Houston...We have a (Math) Problem Resources
 If Eggs Could Fly
 Integrating Writing and the Arts 
 Literacy Center Activities 
 Math Structures
 Moby Max 101 
 SAMR Presentation
 SMART Board Interactive Lessons to Enrich Writing Resources
 Tech Integration in Literacy Centers Presentation

2nd Grade Materials

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 Classroom Dojo/Sign Up Genius
 Daily 5
 Digital Tips and Tools to Enhance Reading Lessons Presentation
 Guided Reading
Books referenced:
Guided Reading: Good First Teaching for All Children
Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency
Guiding Readers and Writers: Teaching Comprehension, Genre, and Content Literacy
The Continuum of Literacy Learning: Behaviors and Understandings to Notice, Teach, and Support (Grades K-8) 
 Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum Presentation
 Interactive Notebooks 
 Lesson Analysis
 Moby Max Tutorial 
 SAMR Presentation
 Teaching Terrific Text Features      
 Templates for Writing
 Using Text Talk to Expand Vocabulary Video

3rd Grade Materials

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 Benefits of Daily 5 and Small Group Math Instruction 
 Bones and Skeletons - Using QR Codes
 Concrete, Representation, Abstract Student Leaders Presentation
 Engaging Math Games 
 Engaging Students with Media 
 Hands On Math Activities      
 Integrating Literacy Into SciencePresentation
 Integrating Writing into Reading 
 Learning Logs & Centers Making Centers Work Presentation
 Literacy Strategies
 Make and Take ELA Interventions 
 Managing RtA Portfolios with Daily 5 
 S.A.M.R. Presentation
 Words Their Way Made Easy 

4th Grade Materials

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 Causes & Cures
 Daily 5 and Guided Reading
 Daily 5: ELA and Math
 Engage NY Math Modules 
 Interactive Notebooks and Data Folders 
 Literacy Solutions Planning Guide for 90 Min. Block
 Making the Most of Moby Max 
 Math Expo Extravaganza Handout
 SAMR Presentation 
 Singapore Math: Model Drawing
 Super Science! 
 The QUAD Strategy 
 What Did You Say? 

5th Grade Materials

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 Beyond the Grade
 Edmodo in the Classroom
 Google Docs
 Moby Max 
 Multi-step Problem Solving with
Graphic Organizers
 Lesson Plan
 Reading is Thinking: Making Connections
While Reading
 SAMR Presentation
 Science Hands-On 
 Science Strategies 
 Singapore Math Presentation
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